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Project Waterwall Archive

Because Waterwall turned out to be more successful in training the cats then ever expected, it has been activated very little and due to lacking care for those images in the beginning, only two could be recovered from some backup so far.

There were other victims as well but those pictures are not published here to protect their social lifes.



Christer (Tue, 24 Mar 2009):
Having three furry ones, I could´nt stop giggling over this superb invention. I´ll might try it out sometimes

G (Sun, 26 Jul 2009):
Assembled one of my own. After a few squirts no longer needed water. Just the sound of the mechanism engaging scares them away. C
esbornia (Thu, 25 Feb 2010):
Hehehe, very nice. I got 5 cats at home. Will make something similar in my lab... But who do this please take care not to aim the water in the cats ear. If water gets into cats ear its almost guaranteed infection.

Nice job!
Keith (Wed, 13 Jun 2012):
Ahhh, glad I found your site Michael. Been looking for to build this device, perhaps to adapt a centralized unit for controlling access to multiple rooms by a rogue kitten I have wandering around. I hope you're well. Miss those days in SF!