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2.0.7 (not released yet)

  • s2generator main loop has been modified to produce less overhead

2.0.6 (07/15/2001)

  • Packet getRepeaterCall(int) and hasBeenRepeated(int) verify specified number
  • added setRepeaterCall(int, Call *) in Packet to allow setting repeater names
  • setRepeaterCount(int) now shifts control and info bytes accordingly to keep packet intact; flag bug fixed
  • added option allowing use of repeaters in 's2generator'

2.0.5 (06/30/2001)

  • added class Call for better callsign/ssid pair handling, rewrote all classes to use it
  • network device name is now stored inside Packet, allowing reception of other packets on different devices before responding
  • added produceUA(...) and produceDM(...) to PacketFactory
  • PacketFactory now attached to a network device at which produced packets will be aimed
  • new example application 's2generator' which will generate custom packets as specified by supplied arguments

2.0.4 (06/29/2001)

  • initial version after rewrite was completed