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0.4 (2007-10-05)

  • bugfix: libpcap timeouts now handled properly
  • bugfix: linked library list updated for libnids-1.22

0.3 (2005-12-04)

  • supports libnids tcp/ip stack (suggested by Jean-Yves Faye)
  • response/request stream pairing
  • write files in request URL based hierarchical directory structure (unsafe)
  • proper connection clean up if connection hash table full

0.2 (2005-03-27)

  • command line libpcap filters
  • handle transfer encoding chunked
  • properly handle non-content responses
  • content encoding gzip adds '.gz' to extension
  • cache write-out as soon as possible
  • case insensitive header field detection
  • allow fin packets out of order and with data
  • simple connection limit
  • serveral code improvements

0.1 (2004-10-25)

  • initial version
judy (Wed, 19 Oct 2011):
hello, why should the httpsniff be compiled without libnids?
Micha (Wed, 26 Oct 2011):
It makes sense in cases where the built in TCP stack is sufficient and libnids is not available / installed. If you have it on your system, compile with support for libnids. You can still select which stack to use at run time.