Falling for Evernote [16. Sep 2011; Persönliches, Englisch]

Traditionally I have been collecting my notes in various ways, but doing so online wasn't one of them. It seemed wrong to put so much information "out there". It could either leak or just disappear.

Toodledo & Got To Do [11. Dec 2010; Persönliches, Englisch]

I've been using this bundle for half a year now and am quite happy with it. Both tools provide a similar lightweight Getting Things Done implementation. They get stuff organized a lot quicker than ThinkingRock with its cumbersome by-the-book workflow.

Getting Things Done [28. Apr 2009; Persönliches, Englisch]

Gettings Things Done (GTD) is a self management method which has been around for a couple of years now. There are many websites, blogs and books dedicated to it. I put some useful links below.

From the Very Beginning [20. Aug 2006; Persönliches, Englisch]

I just learned from wikipedia that my set of SuSE Linux CDs from November 1995 was actually the first SuSE Linux ever. It was my first Linux too. Counting boxes and CDs in my possession, I've run through about 10 versions of their Linux Distribution since then.

Irland [11. Jun 2005; Persönliches]

Just returned from hiking in Ireland.

Poppitz the Movie [ 8. Oct 2004; Persönliches, Englisch]

What are there chances there is a movie going by someones family name? That's right, about 100% if the time frame is big enough. As far as the name "Poppitz" goes one would expect to have to wait for an eternity. But nah, not anymore. It's been done: "Poppitz" is out