La Palma
[ 8. Aug 2010; Fotografie, Englisch]

I'm back from hiking La Palma and already did a quick skim through the photos and selected a few for my website.

Apart from some really easy paths close to parking lots there is really not much hiking tourism going on. Often I would have spider webs all over me, because nobody else walked that path for a while. This is quite surprising because the island is very easy to reach by plane and very attractive for this purpose.

My La Palma Picture Gallery

Alfredo (Sun, 27 Mar 2011):
Saludos Michael. I found your website whilst looking for interesting photos of La Palma. Your review of La Palma is correct and tourism is not big here. Although they are expanding the airport but this takes time. Really like the photos and the blog. Un saludo from La Palma, Alfredo