Yes, We Can
[31. Dec 2008; Internet]

Yes, we can be ridiculous:

For people outside Germany: The guy is trying to establish the Obama slogan within his party. This is not some small town meeting, this is a national convention of a major party.

shop (Sat, 3 Jan 2009):
OMg, großartig: "nö, also ich hab keine eigenen Ideen, aber ich pick mir die guten Sachen raus" nur blöd wenn dann keiner mitmachen mag ^^
Monica (Wed, 7 Jan 2009):
That's embarassing. I like Obama but I don't think we should copy him at a german party meeting.
Dieter (Mon, 16 Feb 2009):
Oje, das war sowas von peinlich, ich hab gleich den Ton am Fernseher ausgemacht...